The Best News of the Day
One of my very favorite ways to stay in touch with people during the peak busy season is a quick text. Just a little nudge or reminder that I am thinking of them right at that moment. Depending on the day or the person, I will either send a thoughtful note, a motivational quote, or I will ask a quick question. And 99% of the time, I get an immediate reply


Re-energized and Recharged and Ready to Go
It happens to all of us at some point. We could be traveling, commuting to work, at a meeting, or headed out to dinner when we realize that we forgot to charge our phones, our tablets, or our laptops. Then we have that moment of panic as we feel disconnected from the world.


Communication and Productivity: Are We Choosing the Right Battles
The scene is a local coffee shop. It’s mid-afternoon and there are no customers in the shop. The three baristas are standing behind the counter looking at their telephone, texting or checking out social media. The store is spotless, the inventory re-stocked, bathrooms are clean, display cases arranged perfectly. The manager returns from running to the bank and sees the employees on their phones, heads down. How does the manager respond?


The Customer is Not Always Right
There is a very common saying in business, “The customer is always right.” It may be very common, but it is not always true. What is true is this, “The customer is not always right, but the customer is still the customer.”


A Father’s Love
One of the greatest tributes to a father can be found in the Dan Fogelberg song, Leader of the Band. The last part of the song has always meant something special to me…


Grabbing That Low Hanging Fruit
One of my favorite quotes is this, “The fruit we eat on the mountaintop was grown in the valley.” I have heard this quote many times and it is usually attributed to either Fred Smith or Billy Graham, and either way I would consider those very credible sources of information and inspiration.